Using Creative Writing Skills to Recreate Soul-Fulfilling Messages From the Bible

Despite it being the best selling book of all time, there are still hundreds of thousands of individuals who have never made it past genesis. The Bible is more than a religious guide, it teaches us life lessons that have been useful to the human race since the dawn of man.

If you could find ways to incorporate some of the more meaningful passages and stories into real life scenarios, you could create a captivating book that teaches valuable lessons. This is not only an idea for self-help books, but for works of fiction that play out like a novel.

Take the tale of Sodom as an example. There are modern cities all over the world where breaking the commandments is not only accepted, it is encouraged. Places like Las Vegas where greed, promiscuity and gluttony reign king over the city. What if you were to create a story based here, using compelling characters from both sides of the coin to depict the struggle between good and evil? It has all the elements you need to create a gripping novella, and a similarity to Sodom that is undeniable.

sodomIf you wanted to start smaller, take just one passage and turn it into a short story or long article. You could do incredible writings just on the concept of your own body being God’s temple. Write a short story about discovering ways to stay healthy by respecting your own body, or an article on natural ways to preserve your appearance. You could write about embracing the golden years and preparing for them by sticking to products that God has provided us, such as konjac sponges. These come from the ground and have been proven to cleanse the face without having to resort to chemicals and harsh soaps. I learned a lot from about these.

The seven deadly sins have always intrigued me, and there was even a movie made based around them, so why not a book? Pick one, or the entire group and show how it applies in our modern world. Make sure that you show the consequences of committing these sins and how those consequences will trickle down into your entire life.

The main goal is to ensure that the message given in the bible comes across in the book. You don’t have to preach to make this possible, just use subtlety that pushes the readers mind into the right direction. The bible is still the greatest story ever told, and you can use it as a base to create your own.

Using Your Own Holistic Experiences to Pen a Christian Based Self-Help Book

For generations, books that provide self help tips for individuals have always been very popular. These range from diet and exercise tips, to ways in which you can improve your thought processes for the business world.

It is easy to incorporate your Christian values into these types of works, as the bible does praise those who help themselves rather than continually looking to the heavens for the answers. I have always thought that a book based on Christian morals that celebrates natural ways to take care of our temple bodies would be a lovely addition to book store shelves.


Examine your own holistic methods towards staying healthy and protecting the beautiful body that God blessed you with, and then create a book that shares those processes with other like minded individuals.

Aromatherapy: Using scents to calm the mind and keep the body healthy is a wonderful way of taking advantage of the bountiful earth we are blessed with. Aromatherapy involves using essential oils from natural plant life to promote good health. Lavender scent for example is very calming and can help people gain focus and direction in their life. As a medicinal product, lavender contains antibiotic elements that promote healing of surfaces cuts and scrapes. This is the perfect opportunity to remind other Christians that God has given us everything we need right here on earth, we just need to take the time to find it.

Infrared Sauna Benefits: If you are serious about keeping your body healthy, then it is likely that you cleanse it regularly in an infrared sauna. These work by heating your body naturally from the inside causing you to sweat. As the excessive sweat leaves your body, it takes with it all of those toxins. You can develop a chapter that compares the need to physically cleanse with the spiritually cleansing that is necessary for a healthy spirit. Mention how easy infrared saunas are now that you can find a portable sauna at many stores (or online at places like

A Healthy Diet: an organic lifestyle has now been proven to extend our life spans and keep us healthy. Develop a chapter that explores the benefits of only consuming organic foods. Mention the old testament, and how Bible heroes thrived with their crops, not by infusing them with harmful chemicals, but by putting their faith in God. An organic lifestyle involves so many diverse elements, that you could create an entire book just on Christianity and organic living.

A Christian self help book need not be about being a better member of your church, or a righteous Christian. It should be of valuable information that has Christian messages subtly weaved through out.

A Christian Cookbook Review – Come to the Table: Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God’s Bounty

Food is God’s bounty, and writing a cookbook that celebrates this does not just need to be a journey of food, but also of faith. Compiles by Benita Long and Steve Wingfield, Come to the Table: Food, Fellowship and a Celebration of God’s Bounty solves the problem with what is wrong with most other cookbooks, they are all about food.

Sammy Anderson of North Augusta, South Carolina is responsible for the inspirational and beautiful photography found in the cookbook. From cover to cover, you are not only going to be treated to a slew of fantastic southern recipes, you are treated to serene photography and inspiring scriptures.

And the Recipes?

At its core is a collection of heart-warming and delicious recipes drawn straight from the kitchen of southern American homes. You are going to find simple, yet mouth watering version of dishes like fried okra and fried green tomatoes, creamy corn bread, shrimp and grits and of course the iconic southern fried chicken.

You will want to invest in a deep fryer for your kitchen before poring through the pages of the book, or at the very least an air fryer if you have concerns about your health. The book leans heavily towards fried foods, the way any good Southern cook book should.

There are some surprises, such as a glazed salmon and grilled asparagus making for a well rounded array of recipes. All of the courses are covered, from the soups and appetizers to delicious desserts that are going to have you looking for excuses to make one.

The Christian Concepts

This is a Thomas Nelson book, so expect a heavy dose of good Christian values interspersed with the fried food recipes. The biblical texts quoted are all straight out of the Old Testament leaning towards making the meals in your life part of a spiritual journey. All of the Christian text is laid out in such a way that it only serves to enhance the recipes, rather then overwhelm the feeling of the book.

The photos used to illustrate the cookbook add a touch of elegance, and make this an excellent addition to your coffee table collection. Each one is appropriate to the recipe featured, an offers the reader ideas for decorating meal time to make it a glorious event that the family will look forward to.


If you have aspirations of writing a cookbook, this is a good book to look up to. The recipes are well structured and easy to follow, while the photos and Christian text make it an interesting read in itself. Follow this type of format and you are going to have your Christian readers running out to by deep fryers too.

Sharing Christian Stories of Your Pets

If you have been struggling with an idea for a book which reflects your Christian principles, while being entertaining, you may want to consider a story or compilation stories based upon your time with a pet. These are unique stories that you share of love and companionship, that animal lovers around the world will all want to read.

There are a number of books that are based on pets and still portray Christian values. A beloved dog exemplifies loyalty and blind trust, something those of us with faith must do everyday. Compile a number of entertaining tales of you  and your dogs adventures, or look at your life through his eyes and tell one long story of devotion.

Years ago a story was told to me about one of our church members who had recently bought a new home with a large yard. He had a young Collie and very much wanted that pet to enjoy the freedom of the outside world after having spent years in a small apartment.


The trouble began when he proposed the idea of a fence to his wife, who did not want to ruin the look of the house’s exterior. They agreed on a wireless fence pet containment system and after looking over reviews, chose one that had great ratings but was within their budget.

Now this man dug a trench around his whole yard, installed the wiring and put the collar on his Collie. It worked out fantastic until one day the electricity went out. Forgetting about the fences limitations, the Collie was let out and upon sensing the “fence” was no longer there, took off running.

It was only a few hours later that the couple got a call from their former neighbors at the apartment complex, letting them know that their dog was pawing at the door. All the Collie had wanted, was to go back to where she was familiar even though the new was such an improvement.

This type of tale would have made a great Christian story, tying it in with our need for the familiar in times of hardship. How when faced with a struggle we turn back to the Bible and our faith in the church. Look for these types of stories with your own pet. Maybe they have shown a love for all life by befriending a cat, or as with another of my friend’s dogs, a chicken. Dogs take the Christian philosophy of love thy neighbor very seriously.

Engaging and enlightening Christian readings are too few and far between. If you have an interest in publishing a book that is true to your values, consider the stories your pet has to tell.

Choosing a Topic that Reaches the Masses: Help for Making Career Choices

There are plenty of ways in which your writing can provide guidance for any number of people. Self help books can be inspirational, but they can also be used as tools to help people find their path.

Choosing a career troubles many young people, and creating a work that explores different opportunities with them can help carve a path for their future. Pick careers that are rewarding, not just for the monetary rewards, but also for the spiritual ones:


There is never a shortage on the need for dedicated people who are willing to educate our children. Include a chapter in your book on the amount of education needed and another section on the many options a teacher has. They can choose to educate at the elementary level or in high school. Learning a skill that enables you to teach others is one of the best career choices a person can make.

Ultrasound Technician

Another great career choice to include in your book. You can write on the specifics for how to become an ultrasound technician, the level of education required and the types of ultrasound schools available. I choose ultrasound technician over other jobs in the medical field as this one is a non-invasive technique used by doctors to confirm the beginning of life. Helping expectant parents experience this amazing event on a daily basis would be a very fulfilling career choice.


Why not write a chapter on a career choice that you have first hand experience in? You know the rewards of creating a work that serves as inspiration for hundreds of people. Include points on the different genres they can engage in, the different forums, such as books and newspapers, and the type of educational requirements they will need.


Interior Designer

For people who are more visually creative, you can include a chapter on the benefits of becoming an interior designer. Discuss how helping people create a warm and loving home will provide them with spiritual comfort as well as physical. There are a number of ways in which the interior design of a home can assist people who are troubled in their life. Focus your points on how a career in interior design will benefit them.


This may seem like an odd career choice for spiritual fulfillment, but not all lawyers are defending criminals or chasing ambulances. There are lawyers who work directly with charitable organizations to ensure that the money they collect is distributed to those in need. There are also lawyers who help immigrants in need of finding a safe haven, or those who help families in crises. When writing on the benefits of becoming an attorney, focus your attention on these areas of law.

This is just one of a hundred book ideas that you can choose if your goal is to help your fellow man. Life today is full of hard choices and dangerous decisions. If your work helps just one person find spiritual fulfillment in their career choice, then your job was successful.

Finding Ways to Relax While Writing


How do you relax?

Anybody can write anything under the sun. As long as you are inspired in sharing your thoughts and that you would like to share what you have mostly learned through your journey in life, you can definitely write about anything anytime you want.

Writing can be a hobby or it can be a profession. In a certain point in time, a person would opt to write about anything that inspires him or her or anything that changed his or her life and share it to people who find the story interesting.

Some people write about creative things that they can think about, while some write about their journey from one place to another. There are writers who find themselves writing books or articles that can help inspire the new generation to live a life that is more Christian like and some writers who would like to simply share their knowledge to other people for learning purposes.

Although writing can be a simple task for those who have been exposed to it for quite some time now, it can still be challenging for those who find writing as their profession. This is why most of the time professional writers may find themselves stuck with what they are supposed to accomplish and couldn’t find enough time for them to relax. If this applies to you, then read on.

Nowadays, you can find a different option when it comes to relaxing while writing. You don’t really have to go to a spa for a massage or go through some therapeutic exercises just so you can relax. It is possible to actually experience relaxation in your very own home. All you need is to create a relaxing ambiance at home with the use of essential oil and electronic diffusers.

Essential oils are known for their aromatic fragrance that can give that relaxing ambiance to those who use them. Some people may opt to have these essential oils applied throughout their body while others would opt to use its aromatic fragrance to freshen the air that they breathe. These essential oils are definitely pleasing to the senses that they make great stress relievers for busy writers.

The good news about using essential oils as part of your relaxing experience is that you don’t really need an expert to do this for you. All you need to do is to choose what essential oil you want to diffuse in the air such as chamomile or lavender and you can create that new relaxing and aromatic ambiance either at your workplace or at home even while you are writing.

Writing Your Own Inspirational Books

It is somehow challenging for a writer to write a book about something that he or she haven’t experienced yet. If this applies to you, then you should know what your options are when it comes to writing books that can inspire people of today.

What will your inspirational book be? Find this one on Amazon.

The first thing that you may find yourself struggling with is thinking of what you can write to share to your readers. If you want to be an inspiration to others then you should be able to share your own experiences as if you are an expert in this matter. Let’s say for instance you are supposed to write about a book on archery as you want to inspire others to learn more about the sport and engage themselves with this activity. You must not only be well versed on how to handle recurve bows and arrows, and you should as well be able to share various tips, such as those found on popular authority sites on the topics (such as that can help your readers discover more about the sport.

If you were to write about a specific topic that you can share, you may focus first on those things that can capture the interest of your readers. You will have to think of an interesting idea that will allow your readers to explore things that they haven’t experienced yet and discover more things that they haven’t learned yet. When writing your book you will also have to keep in mind your target audience. From here, you can build more ideas and organize them in a way that you can deliver them accordingly.

Once you are done building your thoughts and grouping them to relate to one another, you can now start creating an outline including the introduction and excerpt of the book that you are making. Since you choose to write inspirational books, you can either write your experiences like a journal, or you can subdivide them into chapters that will let your readers enjoy what you are sharing.

Inspirational books can come in handy for those people who are looking for ways on how to motivate themselves to do what they want in life or to help them express themselves clearly when reaching out to other people. Inspirational books will not only help those who are in need of guidance on what they want to achieve in life but can be a source of strength for them to believe in what they can do.

Anybody who have experienced change in their lives for the better can write inspirational books. If you have some interesting story to share, go ahead and write. It’s your time to shine and inspire others through writing your own book.

Motorcycle Cruising in Canada – A Leap of Faith?

Have you ever heard of motorcycle cruising? If you visit Canada, you will surely find this one of the most popular road trip activities that you may want to engage with.

Most of us think of motorcycle riding as a dangerous option when it comes to seeking for a more interesting type of read adventure. Well, we can’t deny the fact that it could be without considering the usual safety measures in riding a motorbike. However, the truth behind all of these motorcycle cruising activities is that it can as well be a learning experience or a fund raising activity for a charitable cause.

Canadian Motorcycle Riding Clubs

If you are interested in motorcycle cruising, you will definitely find quite a number of motorcycle riding clubs that you can join in when you are in Canada. You’ll find that these clubs have a lot of members joining their riding club depending on the programs that their club can offer.

Some groups offer a summer program where club members can join a tour where they can spend time with their family members to join fun filled events. Most of these clubs are internet based, meaning that members can easily communicate with each other easily to form meetings and facilitate upcoming nationwide tours.

In this way, motorcycle cruising can be pictured in a different way. Instead of looking at this activity as an unsafe way to socialize, it now fosters an atmosphere of safety, fun and adventure.

Gearing Up on Your Motorcycling Adventure

If you are planning to go on a motorcycling tour, just to make sure that you are safe, you must make sure that you have all that you need to carry for your safety especially your motorcycle helmets. Remember, especially in cruises and events, women and children ride too, so you’ll want to make sure they have their specialized safety gear. You may want to make sure that you constantly keep in contact with your group and have added technology installed to your helmet such as Bluetooth communication headsets.

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Riders for God: A review of the Christian Motorcycle Gang Story

Riders for God is one book that is unusual and has gotten many book lovers interested. It is about a motorcycle gang and spirit-filled Christianity. The motorcycle gang is known as The Unchained Gang, a group of former ex-convicts, outlaw bikers and recovering addicts who have turned from their sinful ways and are now Christians who are born again.

riders for god motorcycle book

An Outreach Ministry

The Unchained Gang has given up alcohol, violence, drugs, tobacco and other vices; but they have retained their motorcycles and helmets of course. They proudly wear their motorcycle helmets and ride their bikes for God. They use the bikes and helmets as tools as they go about witnessing the good news from God. They are indeed an outreach ministry that goes to prisons, biker rallies, jails and many other places where the sinful people aren’t reached by other church ministries and society in general.

Given Their Lives To Christian Ministry

Rich Remsberg, the writer of the book, depicts the ironic concurrence of leather vests, biker helmets, tattoos and the culture of the biker world with the Christian ways of studying the bible, praying, and speaking in tongues. The book further depicts the lives of women and men who have directed the energies they used in practicing their wayward ways into doing Christian practices. Through every personal story of a biker you get a sense of how they managed to turn away from their addictions, and violence that was once a major part of their lives and how currently, they have dedicated their lives to worship and ministry with a lot of zeal.

The Transcribed Interviews & Photographs

You will also notice the transcribed interviews which are a major part of the text and the powerful photographs that depict the great contrast between the world of then outlaw hardcore bikers and Christian groups such as The Unchained Gang. From the photos you can see The Unchained Gang members conducting communal prayers over their bikes, very serious altar calls and Christian meetings in session. You can tell that these are men and women who have been truly transformed by Christ and are eager to help others change their sinful ways and embrace Christian values. Through their zeal and undying passion for ministry, it is evident that they want the world to listen to them and its inhabitants to turn from their sinful ways.

You can see that every time these gang members take off their helmets and dismount their bikes, they are no doubt headed for a bible study, a spirit-filled Christian meeting and never, a drug pick or for a violent session with rival outlaw gang groups as it was before.

Through Their Own Words

Through the very words of different gang members you are able to understand how their conversion to Christianity has helped them avoid miserable lives, early deaths and how they are determined to help others that are lost in that dark world of bike culture. Their bikes, leather vests, helmets and bibles are the tools they have to reach out to the others and they indeed reach out to them. It is rare to see such dedication in the things of God in the current world where the outlawed ways seem to be the in thing everywhere especially among the youth.

Writing a short story on the resurgence of facial hair in young men

How more young men are growing beards lately and what it means

bearded man story

Perhaps he has a place in the story…

This is a short story about how, of late, young men no longer grow a goatee or a simple moustache, but full blown and bushy beards. Since the author is a lady (a dear friend of mine, which is why I am posting this snippet on my blog), her perspective clearly shows the perception of ladies in general. Full blown moustache on perfectly inconspicuous young men, apparently, is not attractive. Let no young man be glad in vast and anfractuous beards – the likes of which were last seen in public life during the time of Lord Salisbury’s 2nd and last government.

The following is from the story:

As I was walking down the road, I met two perfectly unobtrusive young men, probably in their early 20’s-in skinny jeans, basketball boots, Long-sleeved T-shirts, side-parted hair, iPhones and the likes-with only one flip side: fully grown beard. Looking closely on the guileless eyes, I presumed that their beard was directly related to the most pervasive and pernicious of the modern mass of follies.

Thereafter, after my encounter with the young men, beards kept on coming back even thicker. The types not in any way similar to the biker’s beards intended to capture the attention of the beauties in front, or the hippy beards that betray long-lasting hangovers of loveless summer. The present day beards van only be likened to Edwardian and late-Victorian beards, complete with crimping and as well as waxed mustachios. This look tends to portray one thing: lack of personal care and hygiene. But this need not be the case, thanks to the latest fully-functional beard trimmers.

Luckily, there are beard trimmers for those may want to believe they are heading Salisbury’s way. With a good beard trimmer personal grooming should be very simple. Some are so tiny and in good shape that slotting inside your briefcase while on a journey is very convenient. So, to maintain your cool without appearing shaggy, invest in a tiny one and enhance your public image.

Beard trimmers

To achieve a properly groomed beard, take advantage of the latest inventions on beard trimmers. With a little money, you can acquire a sleek beard trimmer that you can conveniently carry around as you travel. You will, therefore, be able to trim each morning in a few minutes minus the necessity of carrying around razors, shaving cream and after shave. They can be utilized as corded beard trimmers as well – a feature that comes in handy for people who frequently forget to charge them when they actually need them.


Beards can bring out a very strange outlook, and those who sport them need not think that they are disadvantaged. Get a good beard trimmer and take a few minutes every morning to shave. You will still be able to maintain your cool outlook, or even bring out a more enhanced image. By correctly and consistently shaving every morning you will be able avoid those scary looks that would otherwise come your way if you left your room without shaving. This can conveniently be achieved by acquiring the best beard trimmer and keeping good grooming practices.