Riders for God: A review of the Christian Motorcycle Gang Story

Riders for God is one book that is unusual and has gotten many book lovers interested. It is about a motorcycle gang and spirit-filled Christianity. The motorcycle gang is known as The Unchained Gang, a group of former ex-convicts, outlaw bikers and recovering addicts who have turned from their sinful ways and are now Christians who are born again.

riders for god motorcycle book

An Outreach Ministry

The Unchained Gang has given up alcohol, violence, drugs, tobacco and other vices; but they have retained their motorcycles and helmets of course. They proudly wear their motorcycle helmets and ride their bikes for God. They use the bikes and helmets as tools as they go about witnessing the good news from God. They are indeed an outreach ministry that goes to prisons, biker rallies, jails and many other places where the sinful people aren’t reached by other church ministries and society in general.

Given Their Lives To Christian Ministry

Rich Remsberg, the writer of the book, depicts the ironic concurrence of leather vests, biker helmets, tattoos and the culture of the biker world with the Christian ways of studying the bible, praying, and speaking in tongues. The book further depicts the lives of women and men who have directed the energies they used in practicing their wayward ways into doing Christian practices. Through every personal story of a biker you get a sense of how they managed to turn away from their addictions, and violence that was once a major part of their lives and how currently, they have dedicated their lives to worship and ministry with a lot of zeal.

The Transcribed Interviews & Photographs

You will also notice the transcribed interviews which are a major part of the text and the powerful photographs that depict the great contrast between the world of then outlaw hardcore bikers and Christian groups such as The Unchained Gang. From the photos you can see The Unchained Gang members conducting communal prayers over their bikes, very serious altar calls and Christian meetings in session. You can tell that these are men and women who have been truly transformed by Christ and are eager to help others change their sinful ways and embrace Christian values. Through their zeal and undying passion for ministry, it is evident that they want the world to listen to them and its inhabitants to turn from their sinful ways.

You can see that every time these gang members take off their helmets and dismount their bikes, they are no doubt headed for a bible study, a spirit-filled Christian meeting and never, a drug pick or for a violent session with rival outlaw gang groups as it was before.

Through Their Own Words

Through the very words of different gang members you are able to understand how their conversion to Christianity has helped them avoid miserable lives, early deaths and how they are determined to help others that are lost in that dark world of bike culture. Their bikes, leather vests, helmets and bibles are the tools they have to reach out to the others and they indeed reach out to them. It is rare to see such dedication in the things of God in the current world where the outlawed ways seem to be the in thing everywhere especially among the youth.

Writing a short story on the resurgence of facial hair in young men

How more young men are growing beards lately and what it means

bearded man story

Perhaps he has a place in the story…

This is a short story about how, of late, young men no longer grow a goatee or a simple moustache, but full blown and bushy beards. Since the author is a lady (a dear friend of mine, which is why I am posting this snippet on my blog), her perspective clearly shows the perception of ladies in general. Full blown moustache on perfectly inconspicuous young men, apparently, is not attractive. Let no young man be glad in vast and anfractuous beards – the likes of which were last seen in public life during the time of Lord Salisbury’s 2nd and last government.

The following is from the story:

As I was walking down the road, I met two perfectly unobtrusive young men, probably in their early 20’s-in skinny jeans, basketball boots, Long-sleeved T-shirts, side-parted hair, iPhones and the likes-with only one flip side: fully grown beard. Looking closely on the guileless eyes, I presumed that their beard was directly related to the most pervasive and pernicious of the modern mass of follies.

Thereafter, after my encounter with the young men, beards kept on coming back even thicker. The types not in any way similar to the biker’s beards intended to capture the attention of the beauties in front, or the hippy beards that betray long-lasting hangovers of loveless summer. The present day beards van only be likened to Edwardian and late-Victorian beards, complete with crimping and as well as waxed mustachios. This look tends to portray one thing: lack of personal care and hygiene. But this need not be the case, thanks to the latest fully-functional beard trimmers.

Luckily, there are beard trimmers for those may want to believe they are heading Salisbury’s way. With a good beard trimmer personal grooming should be very simple. Some are so tiny and in good shape that slotting inside your briefcase while on a journey is very convenient. So, to maintain your cool without appearing shaggy, invest in a tiny one and enhance your public image.

Beard trimmers

To achieve a properly groomed beard, take advantage of the latest inventions on beard trimmers. With a little money, you can acquire a sleek beard trimmer that you can conveniently carry around as you travel. You will, therefore, be able to trim each morning in a few minutes minus the necessity of carrying around razors, shaving cream and after shave. They can be utilized as corded beard trimmers as well – a feature that comes in handy for people who frequently forget to charge them when they actually need them.


Beards can bring out a very strange outlook, and those who sport them need not think that they are disadvantaged. Get a good beard trimmer and take a few minutes every morning to shave. You will still be able to maintain your cool outlook, or even bring out a more enhanced image. By correctly and consistently shaving every morning you will be able avoid those scary looks that would otherwise come your way if you left your room without shaving. This can conveniently be achieved by acquiring the best beard trimmer and keeping good grooming practices.

How To Look Great For a Book Cover Photo Shoot

cover photo shootA book cover shoot may not seem like a big deal, but think about it for a few minutes: thousands, perhaps millions, of people could buy that book. Do you want to look terrible to that many people? Of course not. That’s why you need to look your absolute best. You definitely need to make your hair look perfect, which is why its a great idea to use items from betterhairday.com when you are preparing for your shoot.

The first step is getting a good night’s sleep the day before the shoot and doing a few relaxation exercises before the shoot. A good rest will make you look alert and awake, while relaxation exercises will help make the shoot fun and exciting.

Pick out your clothes long before the photo shoot. Try to find clothes that best suit your skin tone and avoid crazy patterns that distract from your natural beauty. You may not have the option of picking your clothes for a book cover shoot, but try to make a case for different clothes if the fashion expert on the shoot picks clothes that simply don’t suit you or your style.

You should also make sure to take a shower, clean your skin of blemishes, and work out a little before you shower. A workout will get your blood flowing and bring blood to your body, lightening up your face, and improving your mood. Being positive and excited about the shoot will ensure that you take great pictures every time.

Now, you need to pick the perfect hairstyle. This is perhaps the most important step when preparing for a book cover shoot. You need a style that perfectly suits your face, is stylish yet not distracting, and which doesn’t take up too much room on the cover. After all, its very likely that other items will be in the background of the shoot. Other people may even be in the shoot. That’s why you need to pick a hairstyle that looks right for you.

If you have a wider face, try to wear your hair down for the shoot. This helps your face look smaller. However, narrower faces are often best emphasized when you pull your hair up. Smaller faces are more easily covered by hair when its down. You also need to decide on whether or not you want to curl your hair or if you want bangs. Curls look great if your hair naturally curls, but fake curls look gaudy. Bangs can help make a high forehead look smaller. Bangs on a low forehead will hide your beautiful eyes, ruining the shot.

You should also make sure to wash your hair with a high quality shampoo before the shoot. This will bring out its natural shine and beauty, creating the perfect book cover shoot. For helpful hints on the best shampoos on the market, check out this site. They discuss and offer the best shampoos on the market and help you identify which is right for you.

The Power of Faith in Baseball

baseball gloveIn baseball, moments happen which can sometimes seem miraculous. Players leap over walls to make diving catches or make that clutch hit when they need it most to win the game. Players themselves develop superstitions so intricate that some people think they must be crazy. Well perhaps it is more than just players on the field; perhaps these champions are blessed by gods very own ‘Angels in the Outifield.’

It is actually quite easy to find many examples of teams who seem to be blessed by god. In 2006, the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox played in the World Series against each other and while they were the two best teams in baseball, they both also put emphasis on Christianity within the locker room. As a professional athlete, you need not only the best batting gloves and gear, but you also need the power of faith.

This trend seems to continue to many other teams and of course many of the athletes themselves. Kurt Warner for example who is a devout Christian said, “The Lord had something special in mind for this team.” The Rams later won the Super Bowl on a Kurt Warner touchdown pass.

It appears that coaches seem to promote religion in the lockers rooms too. In case studies, it has shown to have a trickledown effect which can help to straighten out the otherwise wild players. Teams bond together around a belief and when that happens, teams begin to win; and win big.

Released in 2001, by author Christopher H. Evans, the book titled “The Faith of 50 Million: Baseball, Religion and American Culture,” examines the relationship between baseball and theology and the affect it has had on American culture. It takes a close look at racial integration in baseball and how religion helped teams overcome what was an extremely time in the sport.

The book does a fantastic job of examining the parallels between Christianity and baseball from a viewpoint of the past which will remind readers that the past was not very long ago. Today, many sports stars will speak openly of their religion, encouraging others, especially kids who want to be just like their sports heroes one day to also find god.

Another fantastic novel which examines the relationship between Baseball and Christianity is John Sexton’s “Baseball as a Road to God.” Using baseball to illustrate the elements of spiritual life, Sexton hits a homerun, sharing a collection of baseball stories which help show that through baseball, we can touch the spiritual dimension of life.

Most Influential Christian Writers – CS Lewis

One of the most popular Christian writers of the last century is Clive Staples Lewis. He was born in Belfast, Ireland at the dawn of the 20th century and died in 1963. He was a scholar and held an academic position in Oxford and Cambridge University for most of his life. Besides that, he was a novelist and a poet, a medievalist, a lay theologian and a Christian apologist. His best-known work includes both fictional and non-fictional work. The former includes The Chronicles of Narnia, The Screwtape Letters and The Space Trilogy, while the latter includes his Christian apologetic works, such as Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain and Miracles.

While in Oxford University, Lewis became close friend to J.R.R. Tolkien, who is also a very renowned novelist. Although Lewis was baptized at birth in the Church of Ireland, during his adolescence he grew away from faith. He return to the Anglican Communion at age 32, merely because of Tolkien’s influence. Faith shaped hugely his later work, while Christianity related radio broadcasts during World War II gave him wide recognition.

As a Christian apologist, he tried to bring rationalism and religion together. Because of his well presented skeptic approach to faith, he is considered the most influential Christian apologist. Christianity Today, in 2000, voted Mere Christianity as the best book of the 20th century. In most of his non-fiction Christian novels, he attempts to refute popular objections to Christianity by presenting a reasonable case.

His fictional work is probably more popular, such as the Chronicles of Narnia. They are deeply influenced by his faith and contain numerous and very strong, although often hidden, Christian messages. Lewis, as an expert on the subject, insisted that his books were not allegory, but rather suppositional. In any case, the fact remains. Over fifty years have passed since his death, yet he is still the most widespread, contemporary Christian writer.

Another important figure of the 20th century in Christian literature is the American Francis August Schaeffer. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1912 and died of lymphoma in 1984 in Minnesota. He was a philosopher, an Evangelican Christian theologian and Presbyterian pastor. He supported the Protestant faith and opposed to theological modernism. His views are prominent in his books A Christian Manifesto and Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

He promoted political activism to Protestant evangelicals in the 70s and 80s. One of the topics that he was deeply concerned with was abortion, which was expressed in his memoir Crazy for God. The Christian Manifesto was published in 1981 as a response to The Communist Manifesto (1848). He believed that the decline of the western world is due to religious pluralism and secular humanism, which rejects any religious dogma. According to Christianity Today, his work has largely shaped the way American evangelicals practice their faith nowadays.

How To Write Your [Christian] Book

I know that one of the hardest things to do is to get over your doubt of yourself. It takes a lot of work to overcome any fear, let alone one in ourselves.

To that end, I have decided that I’d like to help you get over that and beat it and use the Lord as your weapon against inaction by providing helpful and motivational posts on great Christian writers.

The first one is very helpful and is actually about HOW to write your Christian book!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Should you use a computer, typewriter, or pen and paper to write your books?

writing stylesLet’s face it. We are running through the second decade of the 21st century. Who doesn’t own a computer, raise your hand. I don’t see any hands. However, in literary arts, it all comes down to who you are and what you look for.

Having a strong academic background, I personally believe that, when you are writing a long piece of work, a book, the convenience of a computer is indisputable. It has become a necessity, as it is the portal to our cyber world, the world of the social media, e-shops and information. Nonetheless, its use as a writing tool has long preceded its current popular use. It replaced the typewriter, sustaining of course the keyboard layout, for several reasons.

For my part, I have never used a typewriter, although there was one at home when I was growing up. I always found it bulky, noisy, inconvenient, difficult to use and ecologically unfriendly as it involves a fair amount of paper consumption. However, I know people that get a thrill out of the clicking sound of each consecutive key being pressed, forcing the type bar to hit the page; incurable romantics that don’t mind cleaning, greasing, ink replacing, as long as they can play their music.

typewriterStill, the matter is practical. My little netbook comes with me everywhere I go. Although compact and lightweight, I avoid tablets as I find it impossible to type with touch pads. The keyboard of a standard netbook might be small, but, given some time to get used to it, one can type almost as fast as on a normal keyboard. Both a typewriter and a computer are equally quick as far as typing is concerned, although there are modern, state of the art computer keyboards that guarantee ease and comfort. Furthermore, there is no paper involved in drafting a document with a computer. You can edit, delete and add parts of your written work, make corrections and proof-read without retyping it. Saving it in different disks or in your e-mail space, ensures that nothing will ever happen to it. We all had accidents with our hard copies. Having your piece in an electronic form gives you the chance to shape it very easily and publish it very quickly, either online or by printing it using any font, spacing and page alignment you wish. So even if you are not familiar with a computer, investing some time to get accustomed to a document software is absolutely worth it.

I could go on and on about the effectiveness of a computer in writing, editing and formatting a book, but I have to admit that my backpack is always equipped with a pencil and a notebook. All my great ideas were born while graphite was being pressed against paper. At anytime, anywhere, under any conditions I can take out my messy journal and imprint my thoughts on a blank page. I am an individual of my time and I will continue to utilize anything that makes my life easier. Yet, nothing will ever replace the immediacy and naturalness of paper and pencil.